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Friday, April 26, 2019
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Property Economics

Property Rights, Creditor's Money and the Foundations of the Economy

475 pages ·  36.80 EUR (incl. VAT and Free shipping)
ISBN 3-89518-482-9 (May 2008 )



In November 2003, six authors gathered at an International Symposium at the University of Bremen to discuss their approaches to property challenging the mainstream theory of property rights: Tom Bethell (Stanford), Gunnar Heinsohn (Bremen), Richard Pipes (Harvard), Hernando de Soto (Lima), Hans-Joachim Stadermann (Berlin), and Otto Steiger (Bremen). Their approaches were commented on and applied to a range of different fields by property experts from five nations. The altogether 19 papers are collected in this edition.

Otto Steiger
Property rights, genuine money and the foundations of the economy

Part I: The property-based theory of the economy: discussion and new aspects

Thomas G. Betz
The property theories of Bethell, Pipes and de Soto
Ulf Heinsohn
Property, development and de Soto's approach
Hans G. Nutzinger
The property approach of Heinsohn and Steiger
Augusto Graziani
The property theory of interest and money
Paul C. Martin
Power, the State and the institution of property

Part II: Fundamentals of property economics

Richard Pipes
Russian Patrimonialism and its political consequences
Tom Bethell
Why isn't the whole world developed?
Hernando de Soto
Dead Capital, fluid capital and money
Gunnar Heinsohn/Otto Steiger
Collateral and own capital
Hans Joachim Stadermann
Property as a central bank's guide to monetary policy
Gunnar Heinsohn
Where does the market come from?
Otto Steiger
The fundamental flaw in new institutional economics

Part III: The interplay of property with different fields

Camille Cornand
Liquidity crises of private corporations in emerging economies and international bankruptcy rules
Ramona Rupeika-Apoga
Good securities and the central bank of Latvia
Jan Beaufort
The property-based theory of the economy? Some philosophical aspects
Marco Lehmann-Waffenschmidt
The appeal of money for economic growth
Hans-Ulrich Niemitz
Understanding the difference between moral standards and ethics
Rolf Steppacher
Property and mineral resources
Heribert Illig
Labor pains experienced in a possible shift of paradigm


the editor
Prof. Dr. Otto Steiger (†)
Otto Steiger (†) war Professor für Volkswirtschaftslehre am Institut für Konjunktur- und Strukturforschung der Universität Bremen. 2000: Aufnahme der mit G. Heinsohn entwickelten Eigentumstheorie von Zins und Geld als eine der fünf bedeutendsten Gelderklärungen im Geldmuseum der Bundesbank. [more titles]
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