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Montag, 21. Januar 2019
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Property Rights and Economic Development: Two Views

ca. 120 pages ·  18.00 EUR (incl. VAT and Free shipping)
ISBN 3-89518-483-7 (March 2019 )

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The study aims at demonstrating the core principles to be implemented for protected transactions in developing and transitional countries to trigger economic development. Two approaches are discussed which claim having demonstrated that the institution of property is the most important source of economic activity: (i) the theory of property rights or new institutional economics and (ii) the property theory of the economy or property economics. Both schools, and (iii) reform programs of multilateral institutions based on the schools' approaches, are analyzed from the viewpoint of the dichotomy between property and possession.


Part I: The theory of property rights or new institutional economics

The fundamentals of new institutional economics
The "naive" theory of the emergence of private property rights: Armen A. Alchian and Harold Demsetz
The political theory of the emergence of private property rights: Douglass C. North
The fundamental flaw in new institutional economics: The missing distinction between property and possession

Part II: The property theory of the economy or property economics

Possession and property: Physical use of resources in mere production systems versus business operations of an economy
The rise and fall of collateral and own capital in the history of economic thought
The property theory of interest and money: Gunnar Heinsohn and Otto Steiger
The approaches to property by Hernando de Soto, Tom Bethell and Richard Pipes

Part III: Analysis of reform programs of multilateral institutions

The property reform programs of the "Instituto Libertad y Democracia" (ILD)
The social finance programs of the International Labour Office (ILO)
A shift in the World Bank's thinking on IDA development programs?
The limitations of analyzing reform programs


Der Autor
Prof. Dr. Otto Steiger (†)
Otto Steiger (†)

war Professor für Volkswirtschaftslehre am Institut für Konjunktur- und Strukturforschung der Universität Bremen. 2000: Aufnahme der mit G. Heinsohn entwickelten Eigentumstheorie von Zin und Geld als eine der fünf bedeutendsten Gelderklärungen im Geldmuseum der Bundesbank. 2001: Aufnahme zweier Werke in das "Lexikon der ökonomischen Werke", eine Enzyklopädie der bedeutendsten Abhandlungen in der Geschichte der Volkswirtschaftslehre.

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