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Questioning Development

Essays on the theory, policies and practice of development interventions

"Arbeitskreis politische Ökonomie"

Publikation des Arbeitskreises Politische Ökonomie

460 pages ·  24.80 EUR (incl. VAT and Free shipping)
ISBN 978-3-89518-075-0 (Mai 1996 )

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The articles in this volume each in their own way question that process referred to - often unthinkingly - as development. Some question the core notion of development and critically examine the justifications for intervening in developing countries. Other papers explore the background and history of theories that guide development cooperation. A third set of papers explores specific policies, or a particular development intervention practice. Questioning the conventional wisdom is their common denominator.

The contributors to this volume are academics based in universities in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland, and practitioners from NGOs in the Netherlands and Thailand, and from different parts of the UN system. Hence, the papers will interest both professionals in developed and developing countries directly dealing with development cooperation, and theoreticians working on such fundamental issues as international trade, structural adjustment policies, or the ethics of economic practice.

I. Querying the foundations: Gabriele Köhler: Development interventions: A parade of paradigms - L. Knippenberg/F. Schuurman: Stripped: A critical phenomenology of progress and development -Des Gasper: Needs and basic needs: A clarification of foundational concepts for development policy - Charles Gore: Social exclusion, globalisation, and the trade-off between efficiency and equity - Detlev Haude: Think globally, but how? - M. Baltensweiler/B. Stöckli: Development institutions and institutional development: The institutionalist challenge to development research

II.Revisiting and renewing development economics: Waltraud Schelkle: Dualism in development economics: Some critical and an alternative remarks - Hans Ulrich Esslinger: Reinterpreting Keynes' "How to Pay for the War": A two-sector model of financing economic development - F. Haslinger/Th. Ziesemer: Endogenous growth and distributional conflict - Helmut Wagner: Conditionality in development aid: Is it welfare-enhancing in developing countries? - Thomas Ziesemer: Tying of aid reversed: Alternative incentive schemes for development aid, productivity enhancement and change of income distribution - H.-D. Feser/W. Flieger/G. Wiesch: Eco-dumping versus eco-imperialism? Reconciling environmental protection and international trade

III. Examining policies and politics: Henk-Jan Brinkman: Adjustment in Africa without development? - Kunibert Raffer: The Uruguay Round: Tilting trade rules further towards the North - Ulrich Busch: Conflicts and constraints in development strategies: The experience of Central and Eastern Europe - Susanne Teltscher: Informal economic activities and micro-enterprise development: Strategies and impact of programmes - Fons van der Velden: Private development cooperation in transition: The rise and fall of Northern non-governmental development organisations - Anita Pleumarom: Eco-tourism: A new "Green Revolution" in the Third World

the editors
PD Dr. Thomas Ziesemer
Thomas Ziesemer Maastricht Economic Research Institute of Innovation and Technology an der Universität Maastricht. [more titles]
Gabriele Köhler
ist Entwicklungsökonomin und beigeordnete Wissenschaftlerin bei UNRISD (UN Research Institute for Social Development).
Prof. Dr. Utz-Peter Reich
Utz-Peter Reich 1938, Dipl.-Physiker, ehem. Professor für Volkswirtschaftslehre und Statistik an der Hochschule Mainz, zuvor Referent in der Abteilung Volkswirtschaftliche Gesamtrechnungen des Statistischen Bundesamtes. Veröffentlichungen über Volkswirtschaftliche Gesamtrechnungen, Werttheorie und Spieltheorie. [more titles]
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